The Basic strategy of Blackjack developed by a group of statisticians and researchers, as a set of rules to reduce the house edge to the advantage of the player, and to demonstrate to a player how to succeed using these rules. A simulation program designed by the researchers, and with this program they used all the hand configurations to form what became known today as the basic blackjack strategy.

The strategy is in a form of charts available to players. They can use it to get the betting solutions for a situation in the game. These charts will show to a player when to stand or when to hit. The player will also be able to choose from the charts when to split a hand or when to double down, and this will help the player to increase his dominance over the house.

The total-card value of 17 is a standard principle on which the dealer must stand, and any higher values will not allow the dealer to split or double down. The house edge cannot be eliminated entirely, but you will be able reduced it to 1%. You can stand when the dealer’s up card is between 3 and 6. According to most of the strategic decisions you will receive an indication that the dealer has a 35% chance to be defeated, when his up-card has a value from 3 to 6.

You also stand a chance to be defeated even if you can stand at a value of 13 to16, but the only difference is, the dealer must hit and he cannot stand. Strategically you must hit when you have value between 13 and 16, where the dealer’s up cards is a 7, 8, 9, 10 or an Ace, and the possibility is there that the dealer will beat you and that he might have a hole card 10.

Mathematically can this game be demanding and exhausting when playing long sessions, so it is a real key for any player to experience these basic rules.

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